French cellos for sale

1. $24,000 1914 Leon Mougenot Cello - Master made cello by the French maker, Leon Mougenot Paris 1914. Excellent condition fully restored. Very fine solo cello ...


Trade instruments made at Château-Thierry (France), exclusively for Beare & Son of London, 1880-1920.
Modelling taken from best example of Cremonese art, with perhaps a preference for the Guarnerius model. Carefully selected Swiss pine and handsome sycamore. Various grades. Cheaper ones invariably varnished yellow; better class with richer reddish-brown. Thousands floating about - generally good of their class - but the upper bouts of the cheaper kind are not always nicely outlined.
Also violas, ’cellos, and double-basses. $20,000





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3 November 2012 marks the day that we start on a journey with the cello together!